Awesome Long Hairstyles For Men

Long hairstyles for men cannot leave anyone indifferent. Men with long manes are usually described as extremely masculine and attractive. So if you want to achieve the title of a real heartthrob, you should make good use of our guide. It offers the most stunning ideas for long men’s hairstyles, from a man bun to men’s braids and everything in between. And even if you choose to wear your curls down, our expert styling tips can come in very handy.

Long hairstyles for men are making a comeback. No longer associated with the hippies of the 70s – bob length and beyond, flowing tendrils and layers are now worn by hipsters, rock stars and footballers alike. In the past, long hair in men was considered a sign of “courage” and “nobility”. Whether you’re looking for a retro style or looking for some solid style inspiration, we’ve got the best long hairstyles for men.

From long hair braids to bun updos for men, it’s clear that this is an aesthetic to keep. So keep it away from your face in the heat or keep it neat in winter, during sports or on a work day – like the mane for men is here to stay.

Whether you already have long hair or want to grow your hair, we are here to help you. Read on and check out our gallery of hairstyles for men with long hair because they will definitely serve as inspiration for your next look:

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