Throwback to the Groovy Era: Iconic 60s Hairstyles That Need to Make a Comeback

The 1960s were a time of radical change and experimentation when it came to fashion and hairstyles. From iconic bouffants to sleek mod styles, the 60s saw a variety of trends that continue to inspire modern hairstyles.

One of the most notable hairstyles of the 60s was the beehive. Made famous by stars like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, the beehive was a voluminous updo that required teasing and backcombing to achieve its signature height. This hairstyle was often paired with a headband or scarf for added flair.

Another popular hairstyle of the 60s was the pixie cut, made popular by fashion icon Twiggy. This short and cropped hairstyle was a stark contrast to the long and flowing locks of the previous decade, and became a symbol of youth and rebellion.

The mod hairstyle was also a prominent trend of the 60s, characterized by its sleek and geometric shapes. This hairstyle was often worn with a center part and slightly flipped ends for a futuristic look.

The 60s also saw the rise of the afro hairstyle among African American men and women. This natural and voluminous hairstyle became a symbol of black pride and empowerment during the Civil Rights Movement.

Overall, the 60s were a time of bold and trendsetting hairstyles that continue to influence hair trends today. Whether it was the beehive, the pixie cut, or the mod hairstyle, the hairstyles of the 60s reflect the spirit of the decade – vibrant, daring, and full of revolution.

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